Date Title

01 Apr 2021 OCBC Bank Extends Wilmar a Three-Year US$150 Million Sustainability-Linked Loan
16 Mar 2021 Wilmar Retains Top Regional Position in Global Child Forum Report for Children’s Rights Protection
16 Nov 2020 Wilmar Debuts on Dow Jones Sustainability Index
15 Oct 2020 Wilmar Ranked Top in Asia for Workers’ Rights
29 May 2020 Wilmar Releases Sustainability Report 2019
02 Apr 2020 Balancing the Threat and Impact of COVID-19 on the Livelihoods of Workers in the Palm Oil Industry
18 Mar 2020 Correction to Mongabay Article on PT BEST Group
15 Nov 2019 Wilmar a Top Achiever in Protecting Children’s Rights in Global Child Forum 2019 Benchmark Study
05 Nov 2019 Community Engagement Efforts in West Sumatra
17 Jun 2019 Protecting the Rights of Children Living in Plantations
28 May 2019 Wilmar releases sustainability Report 2018
01 Apr 2019 Discontinuing Membership with Earthworm Foundation (formerly TFT)
27 Mar 2019 Wilmar’s Response to The Economist article on 7 March 2019
21 Dec 2018 Wilmar’s Response to The Guardian Newspaper Report Regarding Our Operations in Nigeria
10 Dec 2018 Wilmar Leads Palm Oil Industry to be Deforestation-Free
19 Nov 2018 Wilmar Condemns Dangerous Publicity Stunt by Greenpeace
09 Nov 2018 Wilmar’s Two Year Progress Report
08 Nov 2018 Wilmar Ranks Top in Children’s Rights Protection in Global Child Forum Report
05 Oct 2018 Wilmar Launches New Ambitious Action Plan to Accelerate NDPE Implementation
28 Sep 2018 Wilmar’s Reply to Greenpeace’s Letter of 26 September 2018
25 Sep 2018 Wilmar’s reply to Greenpeace’s letter of 25 September 2018
25 Sep 2018 Wilmar urges Greenpeace to take collaborative and constructive action
10 Sep 2018 Wilmar encourages suppliers to voluntarily publish concession maps
10 Aug 2018 DBS and Wilmar Sign US$100 Million Sustainability-Linked Loan
08 Jun 2018 OCBC Bank Partners Wilmar On Largest Sustainability-Linked Bilateral Loan By A Singapore Bank
06 Mar 2018 Initiatives to Provide a Better and More Conducive Environment for Our Workers
05 Mar 2018 MPOCC and Wilmar to help over 260 mill suppliers to attain MSPO certification
05 Mar 2018 Palm Oil Companies Announce an Initiative with Forum for the Future to Address Human and Labour Rights
04 Dec 2017 Wilmar’s Progress in Strengthening Labour Practices
27 Nov 2017 Wilmar and ING Collaborate on Sustainable Loan in Asia
22 Nov 2017 Wilmar Launches Child Protection Policy for its Operations and Suppliers
15 Nov 2017 Palm Oil Buyers and Producers take Collective Action to improve Labour Conditions
21 Sep 2017 PONGO Alliance Statement on Survival of Orangutans in Oil Palm Landscapes
13 Jun 2017 World’s Largest Palm Oil Companies Team Up with NGOs to Save 10,000 Orangutans Found on Non-Certified Palm Oil Concessions in Borneo
26 Apr 2017 Update Wilmars Appeal on Land Conflict in West Sumatra Granted by the RSPO Complaints Panel
06 Apr 2017 Wilmar and Verité Confront Systemic Labour Issues in the Indonesian Palm Oil Industry
05 Apr 2017 Wilmar’s Full Response to Czech TV on PT WINA
15 Mar 2017 Fire Free Alliance Addresses Forest Fire and Haze in Over 200 Indonesian Villages
06 Feb 2017 Wilmar Respects RSPO’s Decision on PT Permata Hijau Pasaman I
15 Dec 2016 Wilmar Commits to Addressing Deforestation Challenge in Important Landscapes
12 Dec 2016 Wilmar Reaffirms Commitment to Uphold Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
08 Dec 2016 Wilmar’s Full Response to ABC Australia and RAN’s Allegations
29 Nov 2016 Wilmar Seeks Collaboration for Labour Transformation in Palm Oil
08 Nov 2016 Innovative Smallholder Fresh Fruit Bunch Traceability System Improves Palm Oil Supply Chain Transparency
08 Nov 2016 HCS Convergence Process Concludes Agreement on Unified Approach to Implementing No Deforestation Commitments
07 Nov 2016 GAR and Wilmar Call for Closer Collaboration to Find Solutions to Indonesian Palm Oil Sector Labour Challenges
06 Sep 2016 Wilmar Publishes Sustainability Report 2015 that Focuses on Driving Value
23 Aug 2016 Worlds Single Largest Independent Oil Palm Smallholder Group receives RSPO Certification
01 Jul 2016 Wilmar Welcomes Government of Indonesia’s Lead in Palm Oil Sector Transformation
15 Jun 2016 Wilmar Reaffirms Commitment to Human Rights and Engages Proactively with Supplier to Address Supply Chain Issues
12 Apr 2016 Wilmar’s Response on Issues in the Tesso Nilo Region
11 Mar 2016 Fire-Free Alliance to Extend Fire Prevention to Broader Landscape
21 Jan 2016 Wilmar Makes Significant Process in its No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Agenda
16 Dec 2015 Wilmar reaffirms No Burn policy and commitment to mitigate forest fires in Indonesia – Allegations of deliberate burning unfounded (Update)
10 Dec 2015 Addressing Supply Chain Issues through Dialogue
17 Sep 2015 Wilmars Efforts to Mitigate Forest Burning in Indonesia
22 Jul 2015 Wilmar Categorically Refutes Allegations by Forest Peoples Programme
16 Jul 2015 Wilmar Remains Undaunted by Detractors and Continues to Focus on Responsible Development in Nigeria
25 Feb 2015 Wilmar Refutes Allegation of Land Grab in Uganda
22 Jan 2015 Wilmar Enhances Transparency and Reporting with Launch of Sustainability Dashboard
20 Nov 2014 Response to Rainforest Action Network Report
15 Sep 2014 Wilmar’s Plantation First to be RSPO-Certified in Ghana
12 Mar 2014 Clarification on Medias Misreporting about Wilmars No Deforestation, No Peat _ No Exploitation Policy
28 Feb 2014 Wilmar to Supply Certified Sustainable Palm Oil to the USA
05 Dec 2013 Wilmars Integrated Policy on No Deforestation, No Peat _ No Exploitation
30 Oct 2013 Wilmar Affirms Commitment to Open, Transparent and Responsible Practices
23 Oct 2013 Wilmar not involved in legal action against Robin Wood protesters
21 Oct 2013 Response to Greenpeace Report
01 Jul 2013 Clarification on issues in Tesso Nilo forest complex
01 Jul 2013 Response to Allegations of Deforestation and Wildlife Destruction