2019 Annual General Meeting

In view of the pending legislative changes, to allow the Company time to put in place alternative arrangements and to take into account such changes, the Company has applied to, and obtained the approval of, ACRA (under Section 175(2) of the Companies Act), for an extension of time to 29 June 2020 for the Company to hold the Annual General Meeting in respect of FY2019 (the “2020 AGM”). The Company has also applied for, and been granted, the Waiver by SGX RegCo.

ACRA has also approved (under Section 197(1B) of the Companies Act) the Company’s application for an extension of time to lodge its annual return for FY2019 with ACRA by 30 July 2020.

The Company will make further announcements on the date of the 2020 AGM and the despatch of the notice of the 2020 AGM to its shareholders in due course.